The Piper's Companion series

All books in The Piper's Companion series are available at £7.50 each except The Christmas Companion which is £6.50.

These books are now available in digital form as pdf files which can be viewed on your ipad or other tablet - or printed out, as you prefer 

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The Piper’s Companion Book I


Whittingham Green Lane · Sir John Fenwick’s the Flower amang them all · Because he was a Bonny Lad · Jimmy Allen · Buttered Peas · Lamshaw’s Fancy · Ward’s Brae · Proudlock’s Hornpipe · Redesdale Hornpipe · Swindon · Elsey’s Waltz · The Pipemaker’s Hornpipe · Rowantree Hill · Bracken Rigg · The College Valley Hunt · Archie’s Fancy · The Gypsy’s Lullaby · Reflections · Mr Kennedy North · Bonny North Tyne · Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff · Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite · Mrs Helen Robertson · Planxty Browne · Planxty Fanny Powers · Planxty Mrs O’Connor · Thomas Leixlip the Proud


The Piper’s Companion Book II


Margy’s Maggot  ·  The Keel Row  · Bobby Shaftoe  ·  The Blackthorn Stick  ·  Davy Knick Knack  ·  Lovat Scouts  ·  The Friendly Visit ·  Sir Sydney Smith’s March · Lamb Skinnet  ·  The Banks of Allen Water  ·  Noble Squire Dacre  ·  King of the Fairies  ·  The Rights of Man ·  Linhope Loup · The South Shore · The Locomotive · The Fair Flower of Northumberland  · Lads of North Tyne · The Eriskay Love Lilt  · The Peacock Followed the Hen  ·  Billy Boy  · Winster Galop · Bonnie Dundee  · Gentle Maiden  · The Skye Boat Song  · The Flower of the Quern  · Leaving Lishmore · The Warksburn Waltz  · The Lark in the Clear Air  · Dream Angus  · My Pretty Fair Maid

The Piper’s Companion Book III

Chevy Chase · Derwentwater’s Farewell · When the Battle’s Over · Maa Bonny Lad · The Rowan Tree · Morag of Dunvegan · Sweet Hesleyside · The Lady’s Well · Believe Me · The Yellow-haired Laddie · Keelman Ower the Land · The Manchester Hornpipe · The Independent Hornpipe · Millicent’s Favourite · Peacock’s Tune · Hexham Races · Random · Corn Riggs · The Mason’s Apron · The De’il Amang the Tailors · The Cradle Song · The Piper’s Weird · Coilsfield House · Neil Gow’s Lament · Coffee Bridge · Coates Hall · Dr Whittaker’s Hornpipe · Nancy

The Piper’s Companion Book IV

Hamilton House • Farewell  • Dingle Regatta •  Caítlin Triall • Elsie Marley • The Cold Nights of Winter • Keilder Burnie •

The Last of the Twins • The Strand • The Marquis of Lorne • The Music o’ Spey •  Thropton Races • The Fairy Dance • Bonny at Morn • Footy Agyen the Wall • The Swallow’s Tail Reel • The Rosebud of Allenvale • The Laird o’ Drumblair • The Lament of Flora MacDonald • The Hawk • Wallington Hall • The King’s Hall Hornpipe • Bonny Woodside


The Piper’s Companion Book V (Classics for Folk)

Minuet in G J S Bach · Le Petit Rien Couperin · Minuet Handel · Prelude to “Te Deum” Charpentier · March from “Scipio” Handel ·  La Volta Anon ·  Rigaudon Purcell · Pastorale Hook · Musette Chedeville · The Reapers Couperin · Andante Grazioso Mozart ·  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring - Bach · Caro Mio Ben Giordani · Cradle Song Schubert · Le Basque Marais · Tambourin Gossec  ·  Polka Weinberger · Lullaby  Brahms · Nocturne Mendelssohn · St Anthony Chorale Haydn · Legend Tchaikovsky · Largo Dvorak ·  Bridal Chorus Wagner


The Piper’s Companion Book VI (The ‘D’ Book)


Adam Buckham O  · The Cullercoats Fish Lass · The Water of Tyne · Marie's Wedding · Bonny Tyneside · Dance ti thy Daddy · Cushie Butterfield,· Farewell to the Dene (Willy Taylor) ·  Kyloe Woods (Jack Armstrong) · The Morpeth Rant · The Breamish · Durham Rangers · Bonny Glenshee · The Lady in the Boat · Westering Home · Willafjord · The Hills of Lorne (Charles Hunter) · Gairsay (W R Aim) · The Heroes of Glencoe · Loch Ruan (George M Maclntyre) · 15th Scottish Division · Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson) · Sunset on Conachair (Freeland Barbour) · Miss Thompson's Hornpipe · Minstrel's Fancy · Newbiggin Bay (Margaret Hobbs) · Clarendon (Margaret Hobbs) · Winnie's Waltz (Derek Hobbs) · Jim's Jaunt (Derek Hobbs) ·  Bewick's Rest (Derek Hobbs)



The Piper’s Companion Book VII (The Wild Hills o’ Wannies)


The Wild Hills o’ Wannies  · Spinning Song  ·  Small Coal and Little Money  ·  Bonny Ann  ·  The Red Plaid  ·  Sleepy Meggy  ·  Kielder Castle  ·  Jenny Nettles  ·  Noël Nouvelet ·  Morpeth Lasses  ·  Dear Tobacco  ·  The Dark Island   ·  The Gobby-O  ·  The Bank of Spey  ·  Greenwoodside  ·  Gaelic Lullaby  ·  The Homecoming ·  The Monkey and the Mirror  ·  Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle   ·  The Red-haired Boy  ·  Flying the Kite  ·  Sleep Soond in da Morning  ·  J R Pigg  ·  Skye Crofters   ·  The Highland Boat Song  ·  Roslin Castle  ·  Lannigan’s Ball  ·  Jacky Tar  ·  Gilderoy  ·  High Tide  ·  A Wife of my Own  ·  The Raggle Taggle Gypsies  ·  Ca’ Hawkie ·  Ca’ the Yows  ·  The New Tyne Bridge  ·  Whittingham Fair  ·  Johnny Lad  ·  Do-li-a  ·  Balquidder Lasses  ·  The Gypsies

The Piper’s Companion Book 8 


Till the Tide Comes In;   The Thistle of Scotland;  Stagshaw Bank Fair; The Piper's Cave; Biddy the Bowl Wife;  The Eagle’s Whistle;  Herr Roloff’s Farewell (J Scott Skinner); The Grand Chain;  Remember Me (Robert Whinham);  Culloden’s Fancy;  Planxty Irwin (Turlough O’Carolan); The New High Level (attrib. Robert Whinham);  Bielby’s Hornpipe;  Liddell’s;  Lord Huntley’s Cave (J Scott Skinner); Welcome to the Town Again;  The Rose of Leopoldsburg (J P Van Hees);  Cherryburn (Derek Hobbs);  Pipe Dreams (Derek Hobbs);  Oh I ha’e seen the Roses Blaw;   Holmes’ Fancy;  Pet of the Pipers;   A Mile to Ride;   Saddle the Pony; Spirit of the North (Derek Hobbs);   Parnell’s March;  Whinshield’s Hornpipe (J L Dunk);  Si Bheag Si Mhor (Turlough O’Carolan);   Planxty Irwin (Turlough O’Carolan);  Carolan’s Concerto (Turlough O’Carolan);  Mrs. Dundas of Arniston (atrib. William Gow);  Roxburgh Castle;  Mr. Frank Sharratt’s March (Derek Hobbs)   


The Piper’s Companion Book 9  (Playford for Pipes)


All in a Garden Green;   Althea;   Ay Me – The Simphony;   Chelsea Reach;  Chirping of the Nightingale;  Come Sweet Lass, or Greenwich Park;  Dargason ;  Dick’s Maggot;  Fit’s Come on me Now;  Grimstock;  The Gallopede;  Gathering Peascods ;  Halfe Hannikin;  The Health – The Merry Wasel;  Hole in the Wall;  Hunt the Squirrel;  Jack a Lent;  Mad Robin;  Maids’ Morris;  Mayden Lane;  Miss Dolland’s Delight;  My Love is Gone to Jamaica;  Nancy’s Fancy;  Newcastle;  Mill Field;  Portsmouth;  The Queen’s Jig;  Ribbon Dance;  Westmorland;  A la Mode de France;  Apley House;  Argeers – The Wedding Night;  The Beaux Delight;  The Boat-man;The Doldrum;  The Fryar and the Nun;  The Indian Queen;  Jack’s Maggot;  Killie Crankie;  Melancholy Martin;  Once I Loved a Maiden Fair;  Over the Hills the Glory;  Over the Hills and Far Away;  The Shrewsbury Lasses;  Solomon’s Jig – Green Goose Fair;  The Twenty-Ninth of May ;  Up Goes Ely;  Barrack Hill;  Jenny Pluck Pears;  Childgrove;  An Italian Rant;  Juice of Barley ;  Mr Beveridge’s Maggot;  Prince Rupert’s March;  Woodicock   

The Piper’s Companion Book 10 (The Humours of Winter)

The Humours of Winter  ·  Ice on the Pump Handle  ·   Fall of Snow   · Christmas Eve  ·  The Bagpipers’ Carol  ·  Flemish Carol  ·  Rocking Carol  ·  A Merry Christmas  ·  New Christenmiss Day  ·   Auld Lang Syne  ·  Snug in the Blanket   · New Year’s Gift

When ye Cold Winter Nights were Frozen  ·  Oíche Nollag  ·  New Year’s DayChristmas Day i’da Mornin’  ·  A Blast of Wind   ·   Who’ll Come Fight in the Snow  ·   Foul Weather Call  ·   The Frost is All Over  ·  Noël en Musette  ·  On a Cold Winter’s Day  ·  The Sheep under the Snow  ·   Cold and Rough the North Wind Blows  ·  As I Went Out upon the Ice  ·   Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis  ·   Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil  ·  Personent Hodie  ·   The Angel Gabriel  ·   Pat-a-Pan  ·   Frost and Snow  ·   Cold Frosty Morn  ·  New Year’s Night  ·   Da Cauld Nights o’ Winter  ·   In the Fields in Frost and Snow  ·  Gaudete  ·  Snow on the Hills  ·  The Wren  ·   Spring’s a-Coming