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The Piper's Companion series

The Piper's Companion - a series of books of tunes from Northumberland and beyond arranged as duets and trios for Northumbrian pipes and other instruments.

All books in the series are available at £8.50 each except The Christmas Companion which is £7.00.

These books are now available in digital form as pdf files which can be viewed on your ipad or other tablet - or printed out, as you prefer.


Northumbrian Pipes sound one tone lower than the written music (similar to a clarinet in B flat) and their music is most commonly written in G Major, D Major or A Minor (with one sharp, two sharps or no sharps).  

Copies marked NSP (Northumbrian Smallpipes) have music mainly in these keys.

The Concert Pitch version shows the music as it actually sounds when played by Northumbrian pipes - mainly in the keys of F Major, C Major and G Minor. You will need this copy if you play flute, fiddle, recorder, concertina etc. alongside Northumbrian pipes.

Players who are not involved with Northumbrian pipes generally prefer the original NSP version as they are in the more common keys for folk musicians.

EXPLANATION NSP and concert SHORT1024_1.jpg

This is how a tune appears in the ORIGINAL version, also called NORTHUMBRIAN PIPES or NSP

This is how it appears in the CONCERT PITCH version



The Piper’s Companion Book I


Whittingham Green Lane · Sir John Fenwick’s the Flower amang them all · Because he was a Bonny Lad · Jimmy Allen · Buttered Peas · Lamshaw’s Fancy · Ward’s Brae · Proudlock’s Hornpipe · Redesdale Hornpipe · Swindon · Elsey’s Waltz · The Pipemaker’s Hornpipe · Rowantree Hill · Bracken Rigg · The College Valley Hunt · Archie’s Fancy · The Gypsy’s Lullaby · Reflections · Mr Kennedy North · Bonny North Tyne · Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff · Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite · Mrs Helen Robertson · Planxty Browne · Planxty Fanny Powers · Planxty Mrs O’Connor · Thomas Leixlip the Proud


The Piper’s Companion Book II


Margy’s Maggot  ·  The Keel Row  · Bobby Shaftoe  ·  The Blackthorn Stick  ·  Davy Knick Knack  ·  Lovat Scouts  ·  The Friendly Visit ·  Sir Sydney Smith’s March · Lamb Skinnet  ·  The Banks of Allen Water  ·  Noble Squire Dacre  ·  King of the Fairies  ·  The Rights of Man ·  Linhope Loup · The South Shore · The Locomotive · The Fair Flower of Northumberland  · Lads of North Tyne · The Eriskay Love Lilt  · The Peacock Followed the Hen  ·  Billy Boy  · Winster Galop · Bonnie Dundee  · Gentle Maiden  · The Skye Boat Song  · The Flower of the Quern  · Leaving Lishmore · The Warksburn Waltz  · The Lark in the Clear Air  · Dream Angus  · My Pretty Fair Maid

The Piper’s Companion Book III

Chevy Chase · Derwentwater’s Farewell · When the Battle’s Over · Maa Bonny Lad · The Rowan Tree · Morag of Dunvegan · Sweet Hesleyside · The Lady’s Well · Believe Me · The Yellow-haired Laddie · Keelman Ower the Land · The Manchester Hornpipe · The Independent Hornpipe · Millicent’s Favourite · Peacock’s Tune · Hexham Races · Random · Corn Riggs · The Mason’s Apron · The De’il Amang the Tailors · The Cradle Song · The Piper’s Weird · Coilsfield House · Neil Gow’s Lament · Coffee Bridge · Coates Hall · Dr Whittaker’s Hornpipe · Nancy

The Piper’s Companion Book IV

Hamilton House • Farewell  • Dingle Regatta •  Caítlin Triall • Elsie Marley • The Cold Nights of Winter • Keilder Burnie •

The Last of the Twins • The Strand • The Marquis of Lorne • The Music o’ Spey •  Thropton Races • The Fairy Dance • Bonny at Morn • Footy Agyen the Wall • The Swallow’s Tail Reel • The Rosebud of Allenvale • The Laird o’ Drumblair • The Lament of Flora MacDonald • The Hawk • Wallington Hall • The King’s Hall Hornpipe • Bonny Woodside


The Piper’s Companion Book V (Classics for Folk)

Minuet in G J S Bach · Le Petit Rien Couperin · Minuet Handel · Prelude to “Te Deum” Charpentier · March from “Scipio” Handel ·  La Volta Anon ·  Rigaudon Purcell · Pastorale Hook · Musette Chedeville · The Reapers Couperin · Andante Grazioso Mozart ·  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring - Bach · Caro Mio Ben Giordani · Cradle Song Schubert · Le Basque Marais · Tambourin Gossec  ·  Polka Weinberger · Lullaby  Brahms · Nocturne Mendelssohn · St Anthony Chorale Haydn · Legend Tchaikovsky · Largo Dvorak ·  Bridal Chorus Wagner


The Piper’s Companion Book VI (The ‘D’ Book)


Adam Buckham O  · The Cullercoats Fish Lass · The Water of Tyne · Marie's Wedding · Bonny Tyneside · Dance ti thy Daddy · Cushie Butterfield,· Farewell to the Dene (Willy Taylor) ·  Kyloe Woods (Jack Armstrong) · The Morpeth Rant · The Breamish · Durham Rangers · Bonny Glenshee · The Lady in the Boat · Westering Home · Willafjord · The Hills of Lorne (Charles Hunter) · Gairsay (W R Aim) · The Heroes of Glencoe · Loch Ruan (George M Maclntyre) · 15th Scottish Division · Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson) · Sunset on Conachair (Freeland Barbour) · Miss Thompson's Hornpipe · Minstrel's Fancy · Newbiggin Bay (Margaret Hobbs) · Clarendon (Margaret Hobbs) · Winnie's Waltz (Derek Hobbs) · Jim's Jaunt (Derek Hobbs) ·  Bewick's Rest (Derek Hobbs)



The Piper’s Companion Book VII (The Wild Hills o’ Wannies)


The Wild Hills o’ Wannies  · Spinning Song  ·  Small Coal and Little Money  ·  Bonny Ann  ·  The Red Plaid  ·  Sleepy Meggy  ·  Kielder Castle  ·  Jenny Nettles  ·  Noël Nouvelet ·  Morpeth Lasses  ·  Dear Tobacco  ·  The Dark Island   ·  The Gobby-O  ·  The Bank of Spey  ·  Greenwoodside  ·  Gaelic Lullaby  ·  The Homecoming ·  The Monkey and the Mirror  ·  Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle   ·  The Red-haired Boy  ·  Flying the Kite  ·  Sleep Soond in da Morning  ·  J R Pigg  ·  Skye Crofters   ·  The Highland Boat Song  ·  Roslin Castle  ·  Lannigan’s Ball  ·  Jacky Tar  ·  Gilderoy  ·  High Tide  ·  A Wife of my Own  ·  The Raggle Taggle Gypsies  ·  Ca’ Hawkie ·  Ca’ the Yows  ·  The New Tyne Bridge  ·  Whittingham Fair  ·  Johnny Lad  ·  Do-li-a  ·  Balquidder Lasses  ·  The Gypsies

The Piper’s Companion Book 8 


Till the Tide Comes In;   The Thistle of Scotland;  Stagshaw Bank Fair; The Piper's Cave; Biddy the Bowl Wife;  The Eagle’s Whistle;  Herr Roloff’s Farewell (J Scott Skinner); The Grand Chain;  Remember Me (Robert Whinham);  Culloden’s Fancy;  Planxty Irwin (Turlough O’Carolan); The New High Level (attrib. Robert Whinham);  Bielby’s Hornpipe;  Liddell’s;  Lord Huntley’s Cave (J Scott Skinner); Welcome to the Town Again;  The Rose of Leopoldsburg (J P Van Hees);  Cherryburn (Derek Hobbs);  Pipe Dreams (Derek Hobbs);  Oh I ha’e seen the Roses Blaw;   Holmes’ Fancy;  Pet of the Pipers;   A Mile to Ride;   Saddle the Pony; Spirit of the North (Derek Hobbs);   Parnell’s March;  Whinshield’s Hornpipe (J L Dunk);  Si Bheag Si Mhor (Turlough O’Carolan);   Planxty Irwin (Turlough O’Carolan);  Carolan’s Concerto (Turlough O’Carolan);  Mrs. Dundas of Arniston (atrib. William Gow);  Roxburgh Castle;  Mr. Frank Sharratt’s March (Derek Hobbs)   


The Piper’s Companion Book 9  (Playford for Pipes)


All in a Garden Green;   Althea;   Ay Me – The Simphony;   Chelsea Reach;  Chirping of the Nightingale;  Come Sweet Lass, or Greenwich Park;  Dargason ;  Dick’s Maggot;  Fit’s Come on me Now;  Grimstock;  The Gallopede;  Gathering Peascods ;  Halfe Hannikin;  The Health – The Merry Wasel;  Hole in the Wall;  Hunt the Squirrel;  Jack a Lent;  Mad Robin;  Maids’ Morris;  Mayden Lane;  Miss Dolland’s Delight;  My Love is Gone to Jamaica;  Nancy’s Fancy;  Newcastle;  Mill Field;  Portsmouth;  The Queen’s Jig;  Ribbon Dance;  Westmorland;  A la Mode de France;  Apley House;  Argeers – The Wedding Night;  The Beaux Delight;  The Boat-man;The Doldrum;  The Fryar and the Nun;  The Indian Queen;  Jack’s Maggot;  Killie Crankie;  Melancholy Martin;  Once I Loved a Maiden Fair;  Over the Hills the Glory;  Over the Hills and Far Away;  The Shrewsbury Lasses;  Solomon’s Jig – Green Goose Fair;  The Twenty-Ninth of May ;  Up Goes Ely;  Barrack Hill;  Jenny Pluck Pears;  Childgrove;  An Italian Rant;  Juice of Barley ;  Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot;  Prince Rupert’s March;  Woodicock   

The Piper’s Companion Book 10 (The Humours of Winter)

The Humours of Winter  ·  Ice on the Pump Handle  ·   Fall of Snow   · Christmas Eve  ·  The Bagpipers’ Carol  ·  Flemish Carol  ·  Rocking Carol  ·  A Merry Christmas  ·  New Christenmiss Day  ·   Auld Lang Syne  ·  Snug in the Blanket   · New Year’s Gift

When ye Cold Winter Nights were Frozen  ·  Oíche Nollag  ·  New Year’s DayChristmas Day i’da Mornin’  ·  A Blast of Wind   ·   Who’ll Come Fight in the Snow  ·   Foul Weather Call  ·   The Frost is All Over  ·  Noël en Musette  ·  On a Cold Winter’s Day  ·  The Sheep under the Snow  ·   Cold and Rough the North Wind Blows  ·  As I Went Out upon the Ice  ·   Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis  ·   Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil  ·  Personent Hodie  ·   The Angel Gabriel  ·   Pat-a-Pan  ·   Frost and Snow  ·   Cold Frosty Morn  ·  New Year’s Night  ·   Da Cauld Nights o’ Winter  ·   In the Fields in Frost and Snow  ·  Gaudete  ·  Snow on the Hills  ·  The Wren  ·   Spring’s a-Coming

The Christmas Companion

Angels from the Realms of Glory • Austrian Carol • Away in a Manger • Come Leave your Sheep  • Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly • Ding Dong! Merrily on High • The First Nowell • God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen • Good King Wenceslas • Hark! the Herald Angels Sing • Here we come a-wassailing • The Holly and the Ivy • In Dulci Jubilo • Il est Né, le Divin Enfant • I Saw Three Ships • Infant Holy • Jingle Bells • Joy to the World • O Come, All Ye Faithful  • O Little Town of Bethlehem • Once in Royal David’s City • Past Three o’ Clock • The Seven Joys of Mary • Silent Night • Sussex Carol • The Shepherds’ Cradle Song • Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day   • Unto us is Born a Son • We Wish You a Merry Christmas • Whence is that Goodly Fragrance Flowing? • While Shepherds Watched • What shall we give to the Child in the Manger? 

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