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The Piper's Companion - digital editions


​With stocks of the printed copies of most of the volumes of The Piper's Companion running low, the books are now being made available in digital form as PDFs to either print your own (single copy please) or save and view on any or all of your own digital devices.

What is included in The Piper's Companion Digital edition - 

1. A pdf of the original book (or Concert Pitch version) with all of the duets and trios shown in full.

2. A copy of the melodies alone.

3. A copy of the seconds alone.

4. A copy of the thirds parts alone (where there are trios)

The parts for melodies and seconds alone are less cluttered than the book and should be easier to read on a digital device. The original is in portrait format like the printed book but the separate melodies and seconds come in two versions - portrait and landscape - and you will probably find that portrait is the better version to print but landscape shows the music in a bigger size to view on your device. 


The concert pitch set also includes a copy of the melody with alternative  chord symbols for the less experienced guitarists who prefer to play easier chords with the aid of a capo on the 3rd fret.

When ordering- NSP: indicates the original edition for Northumbrian Small Pipes.

Concert Pitch: indicates what used to be called the Transposed Edition, one tone lower than the NSP copy, and is to be used when flute, violin or recorder, for example, play alongside the pipes. 

Click on the boxes below to see sample pages.

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