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Northumbrian Pipes sound one tone lower than the written music (similar to a clarinet in B flat) and their music is most commonly written in the keys of G Major, D Major or A Minor (with one sharp, two sharps or no sharps).  

Copies marked NSP (Northumbrian Smallpipes) have music mainly in these keys.

The Concert Pitch version shows the music as it actually sounds when played by Northumbrian pipes - mainly in the keys of F Major, C Major and G Minor. You will need this copy if you play flute, fiddle, recorder, concertina etc. alongside Northumbrian pipes.

Players who are not involved with Northumbrian pipes generally prefer the original NSP version as they are in the more common keys for folk musicians.

Finally - the original NSP version has a coloured card cover. The concert pitch version has no card cover.

See the examples below to how the books differ - the top example shows a tune in the original version (NSP) in the key of G Major  and a key signature of one sharp.

Below it is as it appears in the Concert Pitch version - a tone lower in F Major with a key signature of one flat. 

EXPLANATION NSP and concert1024_1.jpg
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