The Piper's Companion  Book 10   The Humours of Winter


p.5 The Humours of Winter -
p.8 Christmas Eve -
p.10 Rocking Carol -
p.16 Oiche Nollag (Christmas Eve) -

The Piper's Companion 

Book 10 


The Piper's Companion 



The music in this collection is all on a winter theme and includes a handful of carols that were not included in The Christmas Companion. Many of the tunes have alternative titles so fit with other times of the year.

p.19 Who'll come fight in the snow? -
p. 25 As I Walked Out upon the Ice -
p.33 Gaudete -

If you have any connection with a choir, you might be interested in seeing a carol that includes a part for Northumbrian pipes

There is now a treble recorder version of The Humours of Winter. This is printed in the style of an insert to the main book and is priced at £6.00. Please email if interested.


The Humours of Winter  ·  Ice on the Pump Handle  ·   Fall of Snow   · Christmas Eve

The Bagpipers’ Carol  ·  Flemish Carol  ·  Rocking Carol  ·  A Merry Christmas

New Christenmiss Day  ·   Auld Lang Syne  ·  Snug in the Blanket   · New Year’s Gift

When ye Cold Winter Nights were Frozen  ·  Oíche Nollag  ·  New Year’s Day

Christmas Day i’da Mornin’  ·  A Blast of Wind   ·   Who’ll Come Fight in the Snow

Foul Weather Call  ·   The Frost is All Over  ·   Noël en Musette  ·  On a Cold Winter’s Day

The Sheep under the Snow  ·   Cold and Rough the North Wind Blows

As I Went Out upon the Ice  ·   Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis  ·   Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil

Personent Hodie  ·  The Angel Gabriel  ·   Pat-a-Pan  ·   Frost and Snow  ·   Cold Frosty Morn

New Year’s Night  · Da Cauld Nights o’ Winter  ·   In the Fields in Frost and Snow  · Gaudete          

   Snow on the Hills  ·  The Wren  · Spring’s a-Coming



Northumbrian pipers with the usual F Chanter know that the sound they produce is not the sound of the written note but the note one tone below. For guitar chords this is taken care of in the books as there is a separate series of chord symbols in the sounding key of the music.


However, if you are playing duets with a player of a non-transposing instrument you usually have to write all of the music out in the necessary key. Non-transposing instruments include violin, flute, recorder, etc.


The problem is solved in the "transposed inserts" - they contain exactly the same material as the main book but transposed down one tone. They are cheaper than the main books as they come without a card cover.