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Rossleigh Music - the site for music with a Northumbrian flavour

A note on purchasing from this site

There are many arrangements and original compositions for Northumbrian pipes - don't miss the sections on:- 

The Piper's Companion - duets and trios for pipes and other instruments

Folk in Harmony - if you'd like to play pipes with piano accompaniment

Bewick's Footsteps - 24 tunes for Northumbrian pipes each one linked to a Thomas Bewick engraving. Optional piano accompaniments

Forty songs from the north east of England can be found in Singin' Hinnies Books 1 and 2, all with straightforward piano accompaniments.

Interested in choral music? Check out the ten SATB arrangements of Northumbrian folk songs.

On a larger scale is Fell 'em Doon, a cantata for soloists, choirs and brass band that tells the story of a pit village from the sinking of the first shaft to the closing of the mine.

Another cantata, this time for choir and orchestra, is The Ebb and the Flow, following the march of Christianity over the north east of England in the stories of the northern saints Oswald, Aidan and Cuthbert as narrated by the Venerable Bede.


And don't miss the instrumental music for orchestra and band

Finally, the Christmas musical The Greatest Show on Earth, written for a Northumbrian school but since then performed all over the UK and as far afield as Hong Kong and the Falkland islands!

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