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Singin' Hinnies

Available only as a digital download


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Singin' Hinnies Book 1
Digital edition
Singin' Hinnies Book 2
Digital edition
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Singin' Hinnies Books 1 & 2
Digital edition
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  - a collection of 20 favourite North Country songs with piano accompaniments

selected and arranged by Derek Hobbs.


· straightforward piano accompaniments which include the melody line

· guitar chord symbols

 · sensible keys, in a comfortable range for most voices


Contents of Book 1


Adam Buckham, O  ·  Billy Boy  ·  Blaydon Races  ·  Blow the Wind Southerly    

Bobby Shaftoe  · Bonny at Morn  ·  Buy Broom Buzzems  ·  Ca’ Hawkie 

Cushie Butterfield  ·  Dance ti thy Daddy · Elsie Marley  ·  Felton Lonnen 

The Hexhamshire Lass ·  The Keel Row ·  Keep your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny    

The Lambton Worm  ·  Maa Bonny Lad  · The Water of Tyne 

 Whittingham Fair  ·  Wor Geordie’s Lost his Penka



Contents of Book 2


A U Hinny Bird · Aa Could Hew · Canny Newcastle · Captain Bover

The Collier’s Rant  · Come, Geordie, haad the bairn 

Come you not from Newcastle  · Cullercoats Bay

The Cullercoats Fish-Lass · Died of Love ·  Dol-li-a

Gan ti the kye wi’ me  ·  Oh the Bonny Fisher Lad

Jowl, jowl and listen, lad · The Oak and the Ash

 Oh, the Weary Cutters ·  Sair Fyel’d, Hinny

The Singin’ Hinny ·  Up the Raa

Where-ivver ye gan you’re sure to find a Geordie


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